The ROBOs have a lore behind them that we've used to let you imagine how they think, what they like to do, how they live, and so on. But, better than just words, we've decided to turn the lore into images and make something fun from that. So here it is: ROBOROBO ODYSSEY

What is this? This will be a story-driven coloring book and we'll be releasing every page from time to time, no date specific. This will be like a side task from the core of our project (the battles!!). Every chapter will have 16 images (excluding the cover), alongside the white image so you can color it your way. How can I get them? We'll open to mint image by image as they get released, only 30 of each one. They will be available on our website for 22 ADA each (we'll give more information on this when we release the first image). These NFTs will have a separate policy ID exclusive for each chapter! Can I have a physical copy? YES! We'll have 30 copies of each chapter ready to be sent to your location! Although, there's a requirement: you need to hold every page on your wallet at the end of the chapter. A snapshot will be taken and everyone that holds every image will be granted a physical copy. But wait, there's more! We'll do a treasure hunt in every chapter. Every image will have a clue to a password that you'll need to discover in order to unlock a toolbox in the ROBO Factory that contains a prize. And, what's the prize? The prize can only be claimed by one person. If you manage to discover the key and unlock the toolbox, you'll get 5000 ADA, 10000 $ROBO plus some NFTs. (The prizes can change from chapter to chapter).

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