Season 2

The ROBOROBO season 2 is a collection that contains new unique, randomly generated 3D robot NFTs. Each ROBOROBO is unique and comes with a different combination of traits and weapons for battles.
The year is 2122 and Planet ZIGNAR is completely destroyed and vandalized. There was a war between several clans that let Planet ZIGNAR resume to nothing.
Genesis ROBOs decided to go there in search of anything that they could help and add to their supply.
A few days have passed since their arrival and they can’t find anything, not even a single leaf.
- “What are we doing here? This is a waste of time!” - said one Genesis ROBO to some ROBOs that were by his side.
- “Relax dude, there's still some hope, let’s stay calm.” - said another ROBO.
And they continued on their adventure until someone saw something:
- “Wait what’s that?”
- “Hmm? Where?”
- “Over there, behind that broken bridge. Looks like a red light!”
- “Maybe it’s just some glass reflecting light...”
Genesis ROBOs decide to take a closer look, slowing approximating from that red glare. Halfway from the target, the red light disappears and a huge cloud starts to appear behind them. Feeling scared, they try to think fast to bring a solution so they can get back to where they start: - “What now?”
- “We can’t go back in the same path, that's a huge gray cloud from that side!”
- “Only solution that I see is to protect us behind the bridge. We’re close, we can make it in time!”
Genesis ROBOs agreed and they started to run. They get into the bridge and everyone is safe there. The smoke cloud started to go through the whole path and when it reached the bridge, the ground started to shake:
- ”What’s happening??!!”
- “I can’t see anything! Turn on the lights from your weapons!”
- “It doesn’t work!!” - started everybody yelling!
Out of nowhere, something from the ground starts to move up. The ground starts to shake even more. All the genesis ROBOs are on the ground and they can’t see anything.
Red lights start to appear everywhere, one after the other.

- Z I G M I T S -

Zigmits ROBOs surprised the Genesis ROBOs and started to destroy each one of them. Broken weapons, broken shields, wires, and oil everywhere.
Zigmits are known for vandalism and destruction, they’re full evil mode.
They were exterminated in the year 1994 but unluckily one memory card was left in a container from one ROBO with every information inside. Since then, they were hidden in the shadows, destroying every place where they passed. ROBO factories are usually the target so they can produce even more of them, but because they like so much to destroy everything, a lot of ROBO arenas and ROBO homes were vandalized!
They’re now a full army of 4000 Zigmits ROBOs - they will be available to mint soon.
The new approach for the 3D model of this season 2 has improved so it will be possible to have better logic when applied to 3d animation, metaverse inclusion, look good as a profile picture.
Short animation films will be made to better represent the mood we want to set for this season.
We’ll also introduce some small NFTs - a kind of treasure hunt that will reward those who can get the full collection. - Memory Cards, Blueprints. (This will come soon as we’re working on it right now)
Blueprint of a ROBOROBO ZIGMIT
Full body ROBOROBO ZIGMIT - Metaverse compatible