$ROBO Token

$ROBO is a Cardano Native Token and it is the native currency for ROBOROBO. Players use $ROBO token to bet during battles. The winner keeps 90% of the prize pool. The other 10% goes to the ROBOROBO team.
There is an initial supply of 100,000,000 $ROBO tokens. You can purchase $ROBO tokens using Cardano (ADA), but note that at this point $ROBO tokens cannot be redeemed for ADA.
To be released in Q2 2022: you'll be able to use $ROBO tokens to purchase power-ups for battles and get upgrades for your ROBOROBO NFTs to increase its overall rank.
Policy ID: 6394b7c94d47d97761ca8007e3498eef419cddfbea088d1eda20bd12
During the ROBOROBO beta version, there will be a maximum of 100,000,000 $ROBO tokens circulating supply.
There will be 100,000,000 $ROBO Tokens with the following distribution:
  • 7.5% Airdrop to ROBOROBO holders
  • 7.5% Airdrop to Dev team
  • 45% Rewards Pool
  • 10% Liquidity Pool
  • 10% SC Development & Implementation
  • 20% To be determined


We'll be launching a SC (Smart Contract) to lock your ROBOROBO NFTs for a determined period time to receive $ROBO Tokens as rewards.