Discord: ROBOROBO Tournaments

During the project development and before the launch on our website, we host ROBOROBO tournaments on our Discord server:
ROBOROBO battles were divided by ranks:
  • BRONZE: 20 - 110 Total Power
  • SILVER: 111 - 160 Total Power
  • GOLD: 161 - 220+ Total Power
Each rank had its own tournament with its own prize pool ($ADA, unique NFTs and $ROBO tokens). You'll need to follow us on Discord or Twitter to discover when is the next tournament.

Gameplay: Beta version with $ROBO Tokens (Q1 2023)

This will be a texted-based game where you battle with your NFTs to earn $ROBO tokens. In the next version, Q1 2022, you can use your $ROBO tokens to get power-ups and upgrades for your ROBOROBO NFTs that will increase their overall strength.
There is an initial supply of 100,000,000 $ROBO tokens, and you can purchase $ROBO tokens using Cardano (ADA). Note that at this point, $ROBO tokens cannot be redeemed for ADA.
Learn more about ROBO token: How do $ROBO tokens work?
This information will be updated accordingly with our roadmap. Please check our roadmap for more information.