The ROBOROBO season 1 is a collection of 1,000 unique randomly generated 3D robots NFTs. Each ROBOROBO comes with a random set of traits & weapons that set the overall strength factor for the ROBOROBO NFT. The higher the strength factor, the higher the probability of winning battles.
ROBOROBO NFTs were created to be collected and battle to earn $ROBO tokens that you can exchange for power-ups and fix your ROBO after the battles (features to be released).
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Season 1 - the Genesis ROBOs - are a group of 1000 NFTs. Due to the upgrade system already implemented in our project, this number has been reduced. That’s the advantage of our project - holders can control de supply, making it more exclusive over time.
Genesis ROBOs don’t have clear rarity data - we want people to buy/upgrade their ROBOs because of the total. Although, there are some special skins ROBOs. Our project is aimed both at people that want utility and people that want to collect.

Collabs for ROBOROBO Season 1

On the last mint for Season 1, to celebrate, we’ve collaborated with 3 different projects to create 30 special NFTs (10 different of each).
We’ve worked with Aeoniumsky, Lucky Planet, and BlockOwls.
Planet Zignar, the follow-up to our Season 2 lore, was also introduced in this last mint.
Lucky Planet